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Dependable Temperature Control
At Medicine House, we comprehend the intricacies of transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Our validated cold chain supply is designed with precision to protect the potency and efficacy of every product.

Advanced Monitoring Systems
Employing cutting-edge temperature monitoring technologies, we ensure your products are consistently maintained within their required temperature bands, safeguarding their integrity.

Specialized Packaging Solutions
Our thermally-insulated packaging, combined with the appropriate coolant packs or dry ice, provides a robust barrier against external temperature fluctuations, ensuring the product remains in optimal condition throughout its journey.

Swift and Secure Transits
Understanding the time-sensitive nature of cold chain products, we prioritize these consignments, ensuring minimal transit times and immediate dispatches.

Global Standards, Local Expertise
Medicine House's cold chain solutions are aligned with international best practices. We combine this global knowledge with local expertise to deliver unmatched cold chain services, regardless of the destination.

Your Trusted Cold Chain Partner
Choose Medicine House, and you choose a partner dedicated to preserving the quality, safety, and efficacy of your pharmaceutical products. Let our expertise be the shield that your products deserve.


Precision in Cold Chain: Validated, Trusted, Delivered.

Cold Chain Supply Packing Process for Medicine House

Assessment & Planning:

Analyze the specific temperature requirements of the medicines. Ensure the availability of the necessary cold chain equipment and materials.


Temperature Calibration:

Set data loggers according to the specified temperature range of the medication. This ensures continuous monitoring and recording of the temperature inside the packaging throughout the shipping process.


Pre-conditioning of Cool Packs:

Cool packs are pre-chilled or pre-frozen, depending on the required temperature. This step ensures that they can maintain the desired temperature range for an extended period during transit.

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Integration of Data Loggers:

Position the data logger inside the main packaging, ensuring it's in a location where it can effectively record the internal temperature. This provides a continuous record and ensures compliance with temperature requirements.

Screen Shot 2023-08-24 at 6.00.45 PM.png

Secure Medicine Packaging:

Medicines are initially packed in protective secondary packaging, which provides a buffer against physical damage and ensures product stability.

Cool Pack Placement:

Strategically position the pre-conditioned cool packs around the secondary packaging, ensuring consistent temperature maintenance. The number and arrangement of cool packs depend on the shipment size and expected transit time.


Insulated Shipping Containers:

Place the packed medicines and cool packs inside an insulated shipping container. These containers provide an extra layer of thermal protection, helping to maintain the internal temperature.


Sealing & Labeling:

Seal the insulated container securely. Label it with appropriate markings, indicating it contains temperature-sensitive medicines and needs to be handled with care. Also, mention any specific storage instructions.


Real-time Monitoring (if applicable):

If the shipment utilizes advanced data loggers, they can transmit temperature readings in real-time, enabling immediate action if any temperature excursions are detected.


Shipment & Delivery:

Use reliable couriers with expertise in handling cold chain shipments. Ensure the receiving end is informed about the cold storage requirements to maintain the cold chain upon arrival.

Data Retrieval & Reporting

Once the shipment reaches its destination, retrieve the data logger and extract its records. This provides a comprehensive temperature profile for the shipment's duration, ensuring the medicines remained within the desired temperature range.
Using this structured and meticulous approach, Medicine House ensures that the medicines retain their efficacy and safety throughout the shipping process, irrespective of external conditions.

Reach out to Medicine House for all your cold chain needs.
We're here to assist.

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