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Patient-Centricity at Its Best

Our dedication to improving patient outcomes is more than a business model at Medicine House—it's a calling. Rooted deeply in our commitment to healthcare, the Named Patient Supply service serves as our flagship offering, designed to facilitate access to the most advanced treatments worldwide.

Why We Care
The journey of Medicine House is intertwined with the narratives of the lives we've touched. We believe that every individual, regardless of where they live or their financial circumstances, deserves access to cutting-edge medical treatments. It's this profound belief that drives our mission, propelling us to go the extra mile, every single day.

A Legacy of Trust and Reach
With over 200,000 patients served across 150+ countries, our impact speaks volumes. Each patient story fuels our passion, reiterating our role as a trusted bridge between advanced medical solutions and those who need them the most.

Ensuring Advanced Treatment Access
In a rapidly evolving medical landscape, access to the latest treatments can be restricted by geographical, regulatory, or financial challenges. Our service dismantles these barriers, granting patients a clear pathway to advanced therapeutic solutions.

The Dual Advantage: Advanced Care & Significant Savings
We recognize the dual pressure patients often face: the urgency for top-tier treatments and the looming financial burdens. Our service addresses both, offering patients access to modern medical marvels while ensuring potential savings that can run into thousands of dollars.

Unwavering Quality Commitment
Patient safety is our cardinal principle. Our rigorous quality assurance processes, partnerships with world-renowned manufacturers, and meticulous checks ensure that every product aligns with international standards of excellence.

Dedication Beyond Logistics
Medicine House's approach to healthcare is holistic. While we ensure seamless logistics and delivery, our responsibility extends further—into the realm of genuine patient care. From tailored consultations to post-delivery support, our dedicated teams exhibit compassion and professionalism in equal measure.

Empowering Global Health
The Named Patient Supply service isn't just a testament to our global reach—it's a reflection of our aspiration to champion global health. Every patient, every treatment, and every shipment reaffirms our commitment, setting us on an unwavering path toward creating a world where quality healthcare knows no boundaries.

Patient and Nurse

Why Choose M+H for Your Rx Needs? 

Professional Support

Wether you are domestic or international patient, our expert team has a decades of experience to get you medicine you need at the right time. 

Quality You Can Trust

As a thumb rule, we only deal with high quality pharmaceutical brands whose Rx are widely accepted and recogonized as top tier. 

Secure Shipping

We are partnered with DHL & Fedex to express ship your Rx to your door step and seamlessly handling all custom clearing paper work so you can focus on your treatment stress free. 

Simple & Easy  Experience

With over 20 years of global prescription handling, our team ensures timely delivery, whether for domestic or international patients.

Get a free no obligation quote on your Rx needs.

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